Centurion Running

Centurion Track 100

24 Apr 2021

Course Records

Thomas Payn (M)



Debbie Martin-Consani (F)



1. Runners may leave the track at any time, but must rejoin the track at the exact point at which they left it. 

2. Runners must comply with instructions given by race staff at all times.

3. Headphones are permitted but may not be an outside communications devide (no phones and no outside communications allowed while you are a competitor in the event). 

4. Runners do not have to yield the inside lane to faster moving runners. Details of full track etiquette will be given in the pre race mail out and in the pre race briefing.

5. Crew areas are provided along the home straight. Crew members may not run alongside you at any time for any reason. Hand offs of food and nutrition (or any other items) must be done from a stationary position with the runner moving only.

6. Pacing is not allowed - by crew/ supporters (as above) OR by other runners in the race, for any reason. 

7. Bibs must be worn and visible at all times. Your bib has a timing chip on the back of it. If you change clothes, you must place the bib on display on the front of whatever you change into. 

8. Any athlete who has been determined to have violated anti-doping rules at any time - through IAAF, the World Anti-Doping Agency, UK Anti Doping or any other National Sports Federation is ineligible for entry into any of our events. We reserve the right to conduct pre and post-competition testing for any and all performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) listed on the current WADA Prohibited List. Any athlete who refuses to submit to anti-doping controls, if selected for testing, shall be disqualified and subject to a lifetime ban from our events.

9. Minimum age on race day is 20